Monday, August 26, 2013

Quick Life Update

Hello Everyone!!!

So, I apologize, I obviously haven't kept up with the blog and I may or may not keep writing more posts??

But here's a quick update on things. First, I finished the internship, Jarred and I had a whirlwind month (he was the busiest he has been all year with work, I was studying like a mad man, we were packing, we had company, we moved, I took my test and officially became and RD(N), started my job) and then we got a "break" as we traveled to MO for some very important weddings! So yes, very busy month of July for us!!!

As I said, Jarred has been super busy with work. He is, unfortunately, going to be traveling back to VA for two months during September and October. I won't lie, it's going to pretty much suck without him here but I'm so thankful God has provided him with a job and has allowed him to work from home for the past year!! Also very thankful that I will have some roomies to help me and Kinsley out while daddy's gone :-)

I've been busy with work as well. Last week was my first official week and it was wonderful!! However, I'm still kind of in the student mentality and I keep expecting my boss to come in one day and say, "Let's review your notes". But my boss and coworkers are all awesome and I'm SOOO thankful for my job! Also incredibly thankful that I work 4-10s!!!

Update on Kinsley... she's 6 months old, has two teeth and currently taking a nap! Check out her pics:

Please pray with us as Jarred is traveling/gone and as we search for a new church home in a new city.