Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Creepy Crawlies

I'm not sure what's been more creepy crawly lately...these cupcakes or the sweet, precious child growing in my belly!

First let's discuss the cupcakes! These are the deliciousness that dietitians make and dietetic interns eat :-) One of our Phase II preceptors made these cupcakes and, if you know me well enough, you know that it's a big deal that I even touched this cupcake, let alone, ate it! Scary thing is, I've seen one of these things in Arizona. Seriously, this centipede came straight from Africa. The one I saw here in AZ was like 6 inches long...disgusting!

But on another note - the cupcake was super delish! And I must say, I wouldn't ever have the patience to pipe all that chocolate and make all those fake little centipedes!!!

But the other creepy crawly in my life is sweet baby girl! She's getting so big and I can tell!! She will stretch out and literally make it feel like a bomb just dropped in my abdomen and a mushroom cloud is bursting through my belly!... And then I realize that's probably her head or butt or something that I'm feeling instead! ha! It's much more strange of a feeling now that I can feel her just wriggle around and actually feel HER!
Oh, Kinsley's auntie Calen made a very special shirt to help me keep track of how far along I here are a couple of bump pics :-)

So, Happy 26 weeks to baby Kinsley and Happy Halloween to everyone else :-)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bear Down...What???

Prior to moving to AZ, I asked a dear friend in VA (who had lived in Tucson) what the U of A was like and if she had any tips for me or what were some of their traditions. She replied, "They say, 'Bear Down'". Immediately my thought was, "What????" It makes no sense...they're the Wildcats, not the bears. So, after going to our first U of A football game, I thought perhaps "bear down" would not really be a common saying. Welp, it is. It was all over shirts and hats...the megatron even would say, "This is a bear down!" when the other team was attempting a third down conversion. So, if anyone has any insight as to why the Wildcats say "Bear Down" please feel free to let me in on that!

But yea, we went to a football game. It was the same day as Mizzou's homecoming and I must say the weather was quite different. We were thankful for when the sun went behind the stadium because otherwise we were on the verge of sweating! And while the weather was much different than the Mizzou game that day, I must also say I had my first Hokie Pride moment when I thought to myself, "These fans are so lame." First, they booed the other team as they were entering - c'mon, Hokie Respect. Then, everyone sat the whole time (which, being 6 months preggers, I was actually ok with!) And then, the stands were only like 3/4 full! So, no disrespect for U of A fans, NONE at all, but I might just suggest they go to a VT football game for an awesome game-day environment!

We played USC, a very good team, the game was really close (albeit quite long due to all the ridiculous penalties!!), and we actually won! Overall, I'm VERY thankful my hubby planned a special day for us!!

Here are a few picks from our day!
Go band!!!!!!!
Just chillin
We won!! Very good game!!

love this man!!
There was a little concert after the game and I must say - half the baritone section are girls!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Festivities

The blog posts have been few and far between - largely thanks to the fact that I am physically and emotionally and even kinda spiritually drained at the end of each day, working in the ICU/trauma floors at the hospital. Our facility is a level 1 trauma unit so we get the worst of the worst. By the time I see my patients they have been intubated and sedated and often times, there is no family around for me to communicate with. Because of that, my heart just breaks for these patients (emotional exhaustion)... They are so complex that I feel overwhelmed in trying to determine their treatment plan (physical/brain exhaustion). Then I often wonder what they are going through at that exact moment...are they having some sort of Heaven experience? have they been saved? will they wake up to receive a second chance at salvation? (spiritual exhaustion). I apologize as I know many of you don't want to hear about these terrible, crazy things that happen to my patients, but please continue to pray for them and for me to have wisdom in their treatment.

But now that you can maybe understand why all that I want to do when I get home is flop onto the couch - here is an update on something I did a couple of weeks ago! We had ONE day where the high was only in the 70s!! (Yes, I live in the desert and the highs each day have been in the mid 80s...still!!!) So a couple weeks ago when it almost felt like fall here, I decided to create a fall scene around our front door. The final product looks something like this:
We had some leftover reclaimed wood from Virginia, so we used that old green door as a backdrop. Then we used some more wood to make a "Give Thanks" sign which is hanging on the hay-bale. Here's a close up:
And, I attempted to make a fall wreath... it was kind of a fail, but, what can you do! I always do that - I want to make some super cute house decoration but then I get to the craft store and realize that making super cute things is not always cheap so I end up not making as cute of a craft as I planned in my head. But, either way, here is my first attempt at making a wreath:
And I have to think: If all else fails, at least the birds like it!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kinsley climbs a mountain

A couple of weeks ago Jarred and I traveled up to Mt. Lemmon. I have delayed posting about it because Jarred's computer crashed so we had to get a new one. Then, his new computer no longer had a slot for my camera's memory card, so we had to buy an adapter... Either way, we have now been able to upload pics so here is a story about our adventure!!

Mt. Lemmon is actually really close to our house, but it takes like an hour to get up there because there is no direct route, and of course, it is a crazy winding road to get to the top. When we finally got to the top, we went to the very top! We went as high as the road would take us and then we got out and hiked around. Here are some pics!


 Jarred mostly wanted to take me to Mt. Lemmon because I was really missing home and really missing FALL!! So I basically dressed like it was winter so that I could really feel like fall :-) And then, I was pleasantly surprised when the leaves were starting to turn colors!!!
 But after our long hike (aka our hike of like an hour that was the least strenuous hike I've ever hiked, despite the fact I'm largely out of shape...) we needed sustenance. We packed a picnic lunch so we sat on a little bench and enjoyed the weather. And then we had heard there was a cookie shop in the small town on the mountain so we thought dessert would be a good idea. But, when we got to the cookie shop I saw that the cookies cost like $7 each and I was like, "What the heck!!??" So we decided to order a cookie with ice cream and split it...this is what our order looked like...

Despite the fact that they messed up our order - we didn't want the whip cream - we still pretty much ate it all!! Nom, nom, nom!!!

Then, when we headed back down the mountain we stopped at a scenic overlook and hiked around a bit more. Jarred is much more of a rock climber than I am, so I mostly just manned the camera :-) Here are a few more pics of the view!

And then, I found this little gem carved into a tree :-) Someone must have known that Jarred and Christina were going to visit Mt. Lemmon and they carved our initials for us...they're so sweet!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blessed by my hubby

I really have the most amazing husband in the whole world!!! When we pray together every morning - I really do thank God for the amazing creation He made in my husband.
Since I've started the internship, Jarred has really "stepped it up" in the house realm. I will often times come home with dinner started, something cleaned (usually the dishes!), sometimes laundry's been done, etc. Lately he has been hard at work on baby Kinsley's crib! He is sanding it and repainting. Our initial instinct for the "sweet melon" color was a complete and TOTAL flop! Good Lord, that was a bad color - like Pepto pink!! So instead, we have settled on "Blaze Orange". I'll post some pics once it's all done :-)

But, another reason my hubby is totally amazing is this... My belly is beginning to hang out of my shirts...being tall and preggers, I suppose that was bound to happen some time. And, I apologize for those of you who aren't interested in this, but my bosoms were also beginning to hang out of my bras. So, last night Jarred just said, "You need new clothes and panties. I'm taking you shopping." So he did!!!!! Just another one of the many reasons I'm blessed to have this man in my life! And, as a result of our shopping trip, I got this shirt!! Oh, and this is my belly at 24 weeks!
Sorry I don't look so enthused in this picture, today was a rough day at work. I was in the ICU today (not me personally, but I was working there!). I really don't like the ICU. I have a difficult time reading the stories that put these people in our ICU. I can't see a patient without thinking they are someone's mother or father, that they might not be saved, that they might not make it, that they had to experience a horrendous event to end up there... It just totally and completely breaks my heart. So, for that reason, today was quite difficult. We had a class on NICU nutrition this morning (which I actually LOVE!!! I spent yesterday in the NICU and I've shadowed in the NICU before too; and I just completely and totally love that population. Don't ask me why I can handle the NICU and not the MICU, but I can!). And then we had an oral quiz on our hospital's enteral formulary, and the rest of the day I was in the ICU. And then I cried on my way home and continued to cry on the shoulder of my wonderful, loving, caring, supportive hubby... Did I tell you I love him?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hey Miss Taylor Swift

It's been awhile since my last post so I'll just give you a few updates!

First, we went hiking last weekend at Mt Lemmon. I will eventually make a post about that with some pics and such, but that has been delayed thus far due to the fact that Jarred's desktop computer went kaput and we don't have an adapter for my camera.
Second, I have officially graduated from Phase Two!!! I feel like the Lord has just blessed me SO much! I seriously can't tell you how He has done a mighty work in my life. I used to think that my level of OCD-ness and perfectionism was totally normal and just who am I. And yes, I do still want to do my best and do well in everything I do...but! The Lord has allowed me to experience such a peace and calm about academic performance. He has allowed me to spend time every evening with my husband...doing nothing but snuggling and watching TV...and not even feel guilty about it. He has allowed me to be calm at work, even on the days where I have so many patients to see and so many other obligations that I shouldn't ever make it through everything...He carries me. It's unreal the changes He has made in my life.
Oh, and because I passed Phase Two, I'll be starting to work in the ICU, NICU and PICU this week!

Next up, a story from a patient.
I was giving this guy some renal diet education and all of a sudden he says, "You probably get this a lot, but you look just like Taylor Swift." We chatted about that for just a bit and then I resumed my dietetic duties. I eventually told him I would visit him the next day to go over diabetes education. So, when I went to see him again he greeted me with, "Oh hey Miss Taylor Swift." So, that was nice.
I gave him some education and then Kinsley kicked so I grabbed my belly.
The patient said, "Wait! Why you grabbin' your belly like that?"
I said, "Well, because I'm pregnant, quite pregnant and my baby just kicked."
He continued to say, "Ya know, it's not like I was totally checking you out or anything, but I was looking at your eyes and then I noticed your curves." At this point he described me as having some sort of something that was a Spanish word.
And so, to prevent the situation from becoming too awkward I stepped in and said, "So, you thought you had some fat lady giving you nutrition advice...right? And you were wondering what was up with that?"
The patient said, "Oh, uh, yea. That's what I was thinking." And then proceeded to compliment me on the boots I was wearing...and told me that I was even dressed just like Taylor Swift.

So, there's a quick update on what's been going on!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I finally caved and ordered some maternity clothes and they finally arrived yesterday. I am still able to wear my normal clothes, thanks in large part to that Belly Band thing I bought at Target. But, mom and Jarred both told me I should just buy some staples for my wardrobe.
Here is a simple blue dress I bought...oh yeah, and the ever-growing bump underneath!

But for all you dietetics people out there who might be interested in the MNT during pregnancy, I'm doing just grand. For my pre-pregnancy weight, I should gain 0.8-1 pound per week, every week during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Meeting my target protein intake is semi-difficult since protein makes me want to hurl, but I'm doing my best! And no worries for those of you who witnessed my calorie-counting days - I'm not counting them to ensure I'm meeting my needs - I just know I'm on track for weight so I'm doing good! :-) And, as previously eluded to in another post, my belly still looks no different to me than it did pre-pregnancy...just to further drive the point home of anorexia and warped minds.

But, things at the internship are moving along. We are about 3/4 of the way done with Phase II so I'm learning a lot about the liver, kidneys, diabetes education, etc. Our big case study presentations are next week, with our exam on Thursday (my next doc appointment is on Thursday too!!).

Oh, and Jarred has finally felt Kinsley kick!! Just barely, but I was still excited! And he saw her kick last night - she can really make my belly jump when she's in the kicking mood!

Welp, that's all for now I suppose!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Responsible parenting

Jarred and I are continuing to try and believe that we are becoming parents very shortly. I had a semi-reality check at work today when one of the dietitians said, "The second trimester ends at 24 weeks." and I thought, "Oh balls! I'm 22 weeks!!!"
Either way, reality is settling in due to the fact that we bought a crib! Yep, there is a crib laying all over our guest bedroom/nursery. Please don't judge, but we bought it off Craigslist. But it's barely been used and meets all the safety criteria, so we figured we would take the money savings! Plus, we really want to paint the crib (well, we really want to paint most of the furniture we use for baby Kinsley) because we don't want to paint the walls and then have to repaint them when we move out.
So, as we've previously alluded to, we are thinking of a coral-themed room. And by coral, we mean coral reef :-) That thought turned into full blown-ness when we discovered this...

Bam! It's a pillow...that has coral-colored coral on it! How perfect! So we're planning to paint the crib the coral color and then use turquoise/aqua blues and yellow as the other part of the color scheme. See!

The coral color is Valspar Sweet Melon - just in case you like it and want to use it in your house! The turquoise so far is going to be the fitted sheet on the crib and the yellow is going to be the bed skirt for the crib.