Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kinsley climbs a mountain

A couple of weeks ago Jarred and I traveled up to Mt. Lemmon. I have delayed posting about it because Jarred's computer crashed so we had to get a new one. Then, his new computer no longer had a slot for my camera's memory card, so we had to buy an adapter... Either way, we have now been able to upload pics so here is a story about our adventure!!

Mt. Lemmon is actually really close to our house, but it takes like an hour to get up there because there is no direct route, and of course, it is a crazy winding road to get to the top. When we finally got to the top, we went to the very top! We went as high as the road would take us and then we got out and hiked around. Here are some pics!


 Jarred mostly wanted to take me to Mt. Lemmon because I was really missing home and really missing FALL!! So I basically dressed like it was winter so that I could really feel like fall :-) And then, I was pleasantly surprised when the leaves were starting to turn colors!!!
 But after our long hike (aka our hike of like an hour that was the least strenuous hike I've ever hiked, despite the fact I'm largely out of shape...) we needed sustenance. We packed a picnic lunch so we sat on a little bench and enjoyed the weather. And then we had heard there was a cookie shop in the small town on the mountain so we thought dessert would be a good idea. But, when we got to the cookie shop I saw that the cookies cost like $7 each and I was like, "What the heck!!??" So we decided to order a cookie with ice cream and split it...this is what our order looked like...

Despite the fact that they messed up our order - we didn't want the whip cream - we still pretty much ate it all!! Nom, nom, nom!!!

Then, when we headed back down the mountain we stopped at a scenic overlook and hiked around a bit more. Jarred is much more of a rock climber than I am, so I mostly just manned the camera :-) Here are a few more pics of the view!

And then, I found this little gem carved into a tree :-) Someone must have known that Jarred and Christina were going to visit Mt. Lemmon and they carved our initials for us...they're so sweet!


  1. No wonder cookies were $7! that cookie with ice cream is perfect for 2 people!!!

  2. I actually carved that there for you guys. You're welcome.