Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Festivities

The blog posts have been few and far between - largely thanks to the fact that I am physically and emotionally and even kinda spiritually drained at the end of each day, working in the ICU/trauma floors at the hospital. Our facility is a level 1 trauma unit so we get the worst of the worst. By the time I see my patients they have been intubated and sedated and often times, there is no family around for me to communicate with. Because of that, my heart just breaks for these patients (emotional exhaustion)... They are so complex that I feel overwhelmed in trying to determine their treatment plan (physical/brain exhaustion). Then I often wonder what they are going through at that exact moment...are they having some sort of Heaven experience? have they been saved? will they wake up to receive a second chance at salvation? (spiritual exhaustion). I apologize as I know many of you don't want to hear about these terrible, crazy things that happen to my patients, but please continue to pray for them and for me to have wisdom in their treatment.

But now that you can maybe understand why all that I want to do when I get home is flop onto the couch - here is an update on something I did a couple of weeks ago! We had ONE day where the high was only in the 70s!! (Yes, I live in the desert and the highs each day have been in the mid 80s...still!!!) So a couple weeks ago when it almost felt like fall here, I decided to create a fall scene around our front door. The final product looks something like this:
We had some leftover reclaimed wood from Virginia, so we used that old green door as a backdrop. Then we used some more wood to make a "Give Thanks" sign which is hanging on the hay-bale. Here's a close up:
And, I attempted to make a fall wreath... it was kind of a fail, but, what can you do! I always do that - I want to make some super cute house decoration but then I get to the craft store and realize that making super cute things is not always cheap so I end up not making as cute of a craft as I planned in my head. But, either way, here is my first attempt at making a wreath:
And I have to think: If all else fails, at least the birds like it!

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