Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blessed by my hubby

I really have the most amazing husband in the whole world!!! When we pray together every morning - I really do thank God for the amazing creation He made in my husband.
Since I've started the internship, Jarred has really "stepped it up" in the house realm. I will often times come home with dinner started, something cleaned (usually the dishes!), sometimes laundry's been done, etc. Lately he has been hard at work on baby Kinsley's crib! He is sanding it and repainting. Our initial instinct for the "sweet melon" color was a complete and TOTAL flop! Good Lord, that was a bad color - like Pepto pink!! So instead, we have settled on "Blaze Orange". I'll post some pics once it's all done :-)

But, another reason my hubby is totally amazing is this... My belly is beginning to hang out of my shirts...being tall and preggers, I suppose that was bound to happen some time. And, I apologize for those of you who aren't interested in this, but my bosoms were also beginning to hang out of my bras. So, last night Jarred just said, "You need new clothes and panties. I'm taking you shopping." So he did!!!!! Just another one of the many reasons I'm blessed to have this man in my life! And, as a result of our shopping trip, I got this shirt!! Oh, and this is my belly at 24 weeks!
Sorry I don't look so enthused in this picture, today was a rough day at work. I was in the ICU today (not me personally, but I was working there!). I really don't like the ICU. I have a difficult time reading the stories that put these people in our ICU. I can't see a patient without thinking they are someone's mother or father, that they might not be saved, that they might not make it, that they had to experience a horrendous event to end up there... It just totally and completely breaks my heart. So, for that reason, today was quite difficult. We had a class on NICU nutrition this morning (which I actually LOVE!!! I spent yesterday in the NICU and I've shadowed in the NICU before too; and I just completely and totally love that population. Don't ask me why I can handle the NICU and not the MICU, but I can!). And then we had an oral quiz on our hospital's enteral formulary, and the rest of the day I was in the ICU. And then I cried on my way home and continued to cry on the shoulder of my wonderful, loving, caring, supportive hubby... Did I tell you I love him?

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  1. Christina your compassion really hits me. You are going to make an amazing dietitian. As for you husband, he is awesome! You are one blessed lady!