Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Creepy Crawlies

I'm not sure what's been more creepy crawly lately...these cupcakes or the sweet, precious child growing in my belly!

First let's discuss the cupcakes! These are the deliciousness that dietitians make and dietetic interns eat :-) One of our Phase II preceptors made these cupcakes and, if you know me well enough, you know that it's a big deal that I even touched this cupcake, let alone, ate it! Scary thing is, I've seen one of these things in Arizona. Seriously, this centipede came straight from Africa. The one I saw here in AZ was like 6 inches long...disgusting!

But on another note - the cupcake was super delish! And I must say, I wouldn't ever have the patience to pipe all that chocolate and make all those fake little centipedes!!!

But the other creepy crawly in my life is sweet baby girl! She's getting so big and I can tell!! She will stretch out and literally make it feel like a bomb just dropped in my abdomen and a mushroom cloud is bursting through my belly!... And then I realize that's probably her head or butt or something that I'm feeling instead! ha! It's much more strange of a feeling now that I can feel her just wriggle around and actually feel HER!
Oh, Kinsley's auntie Calen made a very special shirt to help me keep track of how far along I here are a couple of bump pics :-)

So, Happy 26 weeks to baby Kinsley and Happy Halloween to everyone else :-)

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