Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend of Lamaze

Jarred and I have been continually forgetting that going to parenting/pregnancy classes might be advantageous. So finally, last week, we sucked it up and just registered for a class. We did a weekend lamaze class because we weren't sure if we wanted to go to a class for two hours, once a week, for six weeks. So instead, we busted it out!! Saturday and Sunday, 9:00-4:00... nailed it!
One of my favorite experiences from the class was being massaged :-) We were taught lots of relaxing poses and massaging techniques and such, so I got to be spoiled for a while! Another one of my favorite experiences from the class was Jarred having to "make the bed" with a 25 pound backpack on (except he had to wear the backpack backwards so it was on his give him an idea of what I'm feeling!) Here's a few pics!

Sorry the quality is so poor...the room was dark except for the windows I was facing :-/
Anywhos, after he "made the bed" he had to lay down and then roll over without disturbing me. You can see my feet in the second picture, so Jarred had to roll over without falling off the bed or hitting me... If you've ever been preggers, rolling over is like the hardest thing! ha! So I think it was really good for Jarred to experience these things before I actually get so big and start complaining about it! ha!
Oh, and as for Jarred, his favorite part of the class was, obviously, watching the birthing videos...he was SO into it and can't wait to see another baby crown!
And just a quick life update...this week I finished Phase Three!!! Praise the LORD I am done with ICU patients!!!! Also, Jarred was in VA this past week, so super huge thank you to all our friends in VA for taking care of him while he was there!! AND, super huge thank you to my grandparents who came to keep me company while he was gone!!!

A few tips we learned in Lamaze that might be helpful to you at some point in your life:
1) You don't have to go to the hospital until your contractions are lasting 45-60 seconds and are happening every 3-5 minutes - at that point you're likely dilated to four!
2) I learned that I really don't want to have meds (I never really wanted them, but now I don't unless it's just totally unbearable!). But I don't want meds because after an epidural you are like stuck in your bed and can't move around. And moving around really helps progress your labor... We'll see if I'm tough enough :-) Oh, and I don't want pain meds because then they might be more likely to let me eat...I WILL need food if they expect me to labor for 10 years!
3) Most people have to have their water broken for them. But, actually, you can refuse to have them break it unless there is a medical reason for it....breaking your water before it naturally happens doesn't usually progress labor and actually causes labor to be more painful.

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