Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giving thanks

This week was Thanksgiving...THANKSGIVING!!! How did that happen?? This year is going by SO fast. This afternoon I was laying out our schedule to Jarred and I said, "Next weekend I have to work, then my parents are here the next week and then your parents are here the next week, and then there are two weeks off work for Christmas, and then Kinsley comes...Oh boy - Kinsley comes soon!" Serious reality check for me, but it's just unreal how fast this year is going by!

But, for Thanksgiving we got to go to my grandparents. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures except for this one that my grandpa posed...
Yum...turkey leg! haha!
But it was such a blessing to spend the day with them! I had to work again on Friday, but thankfully, the day was not nearly as terrible as we (interns) were afraid of! A couple of the preceptors were like really ridiculous this past week with how to handle our patient load since we would be gone on we were basically told to leave all our patients for Friday... But then we were afraid we would have tons of new consults and not be able to see all of them plus our follow-ups. BUT! Praise the Lord, we literally had one consult on our floors the entire day!! That was a huge relief!!!

While I was working, Jarred had the day off but he has been working hard on some more projects for Kinsley's room. She now has a place to put more clothes or diapers or whatever! We got this sweet old dresser off Craigslist for like $30...a new paint job and voila! Oh, but we haven't refinished the handles yet...they will be coming soon :-)

And you can see the cute picture frame on top of the dresser...that is thanks to our Secret Sibling! Jarred's youngest sis made this awesome picture frame decoration for is SO perfect for the room and I was so excited to finish the dresser so that we had a place to display it!
I have just a couple of more decorations for the walls, and I want to make a few more accent pillows for the bed. After that, I think her room will be finished! We'll just need to get EVERYTHING else off our registry so we can actually take care of her :-)

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