Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Anniversary Engagement

Welp, this time four years ago I didn't even know that I was going to be engaged, let alone married, let alone preggers. But here I am, four years later...married to the most wonderful hubby ever and 6 months pregnant! So, to celebrate the many blessings God has given us, we ate blizzards! ha! But for real... we did...
Also, we went shopping. We bought our secret-sibling gift (it's a Caple family thing) and we also had to do a bit of shopping for Miss Kinsley. Clearly we have our priorities straight because Kinsley's room is just about to be the cutest nursery ever...although she may have to spoil in her own filth as we have yet to buy any diapers, wipes, or anything else that might actually help us take care of our sweet child. Well, we have gotten her stroller thanks to my parents, grandparents and Aunt. It was on sale on our registry a couple weeks ago, and it came in last week!
Really poor quality pic, but you can still see the stroller! I had to try it out!

But other than the stroller, we've mostly just been working on the room. Jarred finished painting the crib which is "blaze orange", aka coral. And on Monday, I had a brief evening of nesting so I made a sign to hang over the top of the crib. Check it out!
A close up to show the cuteness...the paper on the right is totally perfect for our theme!

Hard at work!! P.S. check out my $4 thrift store Motherhood brand shirt...score!

Jarred worked so hard on the crib and even hung the sign...he's a keeper!!
I'm sorry all my pics are such poor quality, I'm just too lazy to not use my cell phone! But anywhos, what can you do!
Oh, and one last pic...the bump update! I'm 28 weeks today. And, I'm sporting my big splurge of the weekend (by big splurge I mean my $10 buy compared to my other $4 purchases). My grandma took me to a clothing exchange store and I found some awesome maternity tops! And, they are all Motherhood brand which is like, really good!! So, here's my favorite weekend purchase!

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