Sunday, March 24, 2013

Amazing Man

About five years ago I met this guy. He was tall, kinda awkward and didn't even get out of his car to greet me when we first met. We went to a concert with a couple of friends and he didn't stop dancing the entire time...I thought it rather strange.
After the concert he drove several hours home and added me on facebook at approximately 3:00 in the morning. He sent me some message about how he enjoyed meeting me...
That facebook message didn't stop going between us for like a month, when I finally gave him my phone number and said, "Call me." This was, of course, following ME asking HIM on our first semi-date.
After that semi-date, I fell asleep on his shoulder. (I swear if my daughter ever falls asleep on some guys shoulder after hanging out with him twice...that boy will be castrated!) I fell asleep holding his hand, the first time I ever got butterflies touching another persons hand.
Well, after our first actual outing, just the two of us, I became his girlfriend. Very shortly after becoming his girlfriend, I became very sick and entered treatment for anorexia while he got a big-boy job and moved to Virginia. My oh my...I never anticipated how God would use this man to help me heal and recover. God's presence during this time of my life is so evident, I can't even tell you.

So after I was discharged from the hospital, I went to visit this boy where he finally told me he loved me. Actually, I was kinda terrified by the fact that he loved me...but it very quickly became one of the most comforting phrases to hear.
A short time later, I became his fiance and we were married the following summer. I moved to Virginia where we started our lives together - we had to be totally dependent on each other and God because that's all we knew in VA. Eventually we would come to find some of our nearest and dearest friends, but at first it was just us.
And eventually we would become three. This amazing man is also now "daddy".

I wish I could describe to you how precious he is. I was holding baby girl today and thinking how wonderful a man I am blessed to have as her dad and my husband. He's absolutely amazing and I thank God for him! Here are some pictures of him and baby girl a couple weeks ago on his birthday!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo Cred: Calen Caple

So, if you've heard in the news about Texas A&M and the flash mob they did to President Bush Sr. well, there's something you need to know. The only reason Pres Bush was there is because my sis-in-law raised like $40,000 for a Habitat for Humanity House that the school is building in the presidents honor. Some other goobers just took advantage of Calen's hard work, put together a flash mob and then got tons of new coverage. The mob got so much coverage that it was on CNN news (I think it was CNN) and some of Calen's pictures that she took of her work with Habitat were briefly shown when the flash mob goobers briefly mentioned it... Hence the title of this post...I'm just trying to give credit where credit is due :-) No offense to the flash mobbers as flash mobbing is very cool and I would love to participate in one. However, providing a home for a family is likely more important than "getting jiggy with it" in front of a president.
All these pictures Calen took while her and her fiance came to visit us last week over their spring break!!

Just snuggling on the floor
Kinsley showing off her sun dress and biceps before we went to desert museum

Checking out uncle cameron! Soo precious!!

Finally getting to meet Grandma and Grandpa Caple!!

Yep, she's pretty cool!
So yea, we've had tons of company the past two weeks and I'll write another post about that at a later time. For now, here's an update. Kinsley is growing and we are praising the Lord!! It's such a blessing for her to be eating so well and not having any major issues! She's now 23.75 inches long (up 2.5 inches from birth and well over 95th %ile), 10 lb 13 oz (again up 2 lbs since birth and at the 90th %ile) and her head circumference is 15 inches (up 2 inches from birth!).  She's also freakishly strong, still getting the hiccups all the time, starting to coo and smile more often and just beautiful!
Now we're just continuing to pray for her growth and development. Also, I have to go back to work next Monday so please join us in prayer as we make that transition!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Many Firsts

Since Kinsley has arrived, she has had many firsts. Some not-so-fun firsts include our first projectile poop which shot an amazing three feet from anus to wall and guest bed... and our first projectile vomit which shot the entire length of her body (she was laying on my legs with head on knees and I had spit up in my belly button, down my leg, on the couch, on the floor and she was also quite saturated...)

Other firsts have been much more exciting. We've taken our first walk in the Moby wrap and in the stroller...

Thanks to my grandparents Jarred and I have taken our first date night as parents :-) I hadn't been away from Kinsley yet and my grandparents graciously offered to come up for the afternoon/evening and watch Kinsley so we could go to dinner. We went to Paradise Bakery and Cafe (which is the same as Panera Bread Co.) They have one of my fave sandwiches (and I of course couldn't eat it while I was preggers due to listeria in lunch meat...) so I requested we go there!

And, we took our first outing as a family of three... we went to church!! It was wonderful to get out and about and especially to go to church! Kinsley even got all dressed up in her cheetah dress!
This week we will have another first...mommy will have to go to work :-/ You see, the biggest part of the Management rotation in the internship is planning "Special Day" in which the interns are literally in charge of every aspect of the cafeteria for the day and we had to plan a special/new menu and decorate and the whole shabang. I've obviously missed out on a large portion of that but I wanted to help with the last minute things as much as possible so I told the interns I would come in to help out. Welp, I report for duty at 6 a.m. on Wednesday. So far, I haven't done too much physical activity because when I stand for very long it feels like my vag is going to just fall out of me. So I'm a little anxious for my stamina to hold up and I'm of course anxious to leave baby girl and to feel like I'm making Jarred bare too much of the responsibility in watching her. However, God has been so good and gracious to us! We were really starting to feel the exhaustion (me especially since I maybe got 6 hours of sleep total while in the hospital) but Kinsley has done just wonderfully the last two nights. We are so thankful for answered prayers for rest and rejuvenation! So that makes me feel a bit better about leaving them, but I'm still anxious.