Sunday, March 24, 2013

Amazing Man

About five years ago I met this guy. He was tall, kinda awkward and didn't even get out of his car to greet me when we first met. We went to a concert with a couple of friends and he didn't stop dancing the entire time...I thought it rather strange.
After the concert he drove several hours home and added me on facebook at approximately 3:00 in the morning. He sent me some message about how he enjoyed meeting me...
That facebook message didn't stop going between us for like a month, when I finally gave him my phone number and said, "Call me." This was, of course, following ME asking HIM on our first semi-date.
After that semi-date, I fell asleep on his shoulder. (I swear if my daughter ever falls asleep on some guys shoulder after hanging out with him twice...that boy will be castrated!) I fell asleep holding his hand, the first time I ever got butterflies touching another persons hand.
Well, after our first actual outing, just the two of us, I became his girlfriend. Very shortly after becoming his girlfriend, I became very sick and entered treatment for anorexia while he got a big-boy job and moved to Virginia. My oh my...I never anticipated how God would use this man to help me heal and recover. God's presence during this time of my life is so evident, I can't even tell you.

So after I was discharged from the hospital, I went to visit this boy where he finally told me he loved me. Actually, I was kinda terrified by the fact that he loved me...but it very quickly became one of the most comforting phrases to hear.
A short time later, I became his fiance and we were married the following summer. I moved to Virginia where we started our lives together - we had to be totally dependent on each other and God because that's all we knew in VA. Eventually we would come to find some of our nearest and dearest friends, but at first it was just us.
And eventually we would become three. This amazing man is also now "daddy".

I wish I could describe to you how precious he is. I was holding baby girl today and thinking how wonderful a man I am blessed to have as her dad and my husband. He's absolutely amazing and I thank God for him! Here are some pictures of him and baby girl a couple weeks ago on his birthday!

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