Monday, November 19, 2012

Tis the Season!!!

I absolutely love Christmas time!!! I love Christmas because of His miraculous birth, to see my family, to have a break from school, to snuggle by the fireplace when it's blizzarding outside...many, many reasons I love Christmas!!! And because of my love of Christmas, I love to start decorating my house very early :-) Jarred usually makes me wait, but last week while he was traveling he heard some Christmas music in the airport or somewhere, so I asked if that meant we could put up our tree...he said we could do it this weekend after our guests left. So, probably within 5 minutes of our company leaving, all our boxes of Christmas decs were out. Oh it just makes me happy to look around my house!!! Here are some pics! I should have taken some "before" pics since y'all haven't seen our house...but whatevs :-)
Jarred putting the star on top!
The final product!!
Christmas tree and fireplace!
Close up of the fireplace - thanks to Trish for the beautiful wreath!
An evening shot - with the mountains in the background!

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  1. It looks so pretty!! I've had Christmas up for about a week, I love it too. Wish we could see it in person.