Tuesday, November 27, 2012

GUEST POST! Sabino Canyon and Christmas Lights!

Hey it's Jarred the husband again! Just wanted to share another adventure with you. There is a cool place about 5-10 minutes from us called Sabino Canyon, which is part of the Coronado National Forest. It has a bunch of paved and dirt trails and picnic areas in a beautiful mountain canyon. I look forward to using a stroller on those paved ones! Well I took one of the trails that went 4 miles back into the wilderness to a place called Seven Falls. It was a beautiful hike and much less steep than the last one I did, so I enjoyed it quite a bit. I was surprised to see a deer there also!

Water in the Desert!
40+ ft Saguaro

 I also felt festive today and put up some Christmas lights outside! I am quite limited by living in an apartment complex but we have our own outside staircase so I decorated that! What do you think?

Come visit us!!!! My wife is an adorable pregnant lady!!!!!

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