Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hey Miss Taylor Swift

It's been awhile since my last post so I'll just give you a few updates!

First, we went hiking last weekend at Mt Lemmon. I will eventually make a post about that with some pics and such, but that has been delayed thus far due to the fact that Jarred's desktop computer went kaput and we don't have an adapter for my camera.
Second, I have officially graduated from Phase Two!!! I feel like the Lord has just blessed me SO much! I seriously can't tell you how He has done a mighty work in my life. I used to think that my level of OCD-ness and perfectionism was totally normal and just who am I. And yes, I do still want to do my best and do well in everything I do...but! The Lord has allowed me to experience such a peace and calm about academic performance. He has allowed me to spend time every evening with my husband...doing nothing but snuggling and watching TV...and not even feel guilty about it. He has allowed me to be calm at work, even on the days where I have so many patients to see and so many other obligations that I shouldn't ever make it through everything...He carries me. It's unreal the changes He has made in my life.
Oh, and because I passed Phase Two, I'll be starting to work in the ICU, NICU and PICU this week!

Next up, a story from a patient.
I was giving this guy some renal diet education and all of a sudden he says, "You probably get this a lot, but you look just like Taylor Swift." We chatted about that for just a bit and then I resumed my dietetic duties. I eventually told him I would visit him the next day to go over diabetes education. So, when I went to see him again he greeted me with, "Oh hey Miss Taylor Swift." So, that was nice.
I gave him some education and then Kinsley kicked so I grabbed my belly.
The patient said, "Wait! Why you grabbin' your belly like that?"
I said, "Well, because I'm pregnant, quite pregnant and my baby just kicked."
He continued to say, "Ya know, it's not like I was totally checking you out or anything, but I was looking at your eyes and then I noticed your curves." At this point he described me as having some sort of something that was a Spanish word.
And so, to prevent the situation from becoming too awkward I stepped in and said, "So, you thought you had some fat lady giving you nutrition advice...right? And you were wondering what was up with that?"
The patient said, "Oh, uh, yea. That's what I was thinking." And then proceeded to compliment me on the boots I was wearing...and told me that I was even dressed just like Taylor Swift.

So, there's a quick update on what's been going on!!


  1. You are a nut and for the record you're much cuter than Taylor Swift and much less whiny.

  2. I love that patient and I don't know him! Congrats on passing phase two girl! I am rather envious of your ability to chill and not feel bad about it! I am praying that God gives me that one day!