Monday, October 29, 2012

Bear Down...What???

Prior to moving to AZ, I asked a dear friend in VA (who had lived in Tucson) what the U of A was like and if she had any tips for me or what were some of their traditions. She replied, "They say, 'Bear Down'". Immediately my thought was, "What????" It makes no sense...they're the Wildcats, not the bears. So, after going to our first U of A football game, I thought perhaps "bear down" would not really be a common saying. Welp, it is. It was all over shirts and hats...the megatron even would say, "This is a bear down!" when the other team was attempting a third down conversion. So, if anyone has any insight as to why the Wildcats say "Bear Down" please feel free to let me in on that!

But yea, we went to a football game. It was the same day as Mizzou's homecoming and I must say the weather was quite different. We were thankful for when the sun went behind the stadium because otherwise we were on the verge of sweating! And while the weather was much different than the Mizzou game that day, I must also say I had my first Hokie Pride moment when I thought to myself, "These fans are so lame." First, they booed the other team as they were entering - c'mon, Hokie Respect. Then, everyone sat the whole time (which, being 6 months preggers, I was actually ok with!) And then, the stands were only like 3/4 full! So, no disrespect for U of A fans, NONE at all, but I might just suggest they go to a VT football game for an awesome game-day environment!

We played USC, a very good team, the game was really close (albeit quite long due to all the ridiculous penalties!!), and we actually won! Overall, I'm VERY thankful my hubby planned a special day for us!!

Here are a few picks from our day!
Go band!!!!!!!
Just chillin
We won!! Very good game!!

love this man!!
There was a little concert after the game and I must say - half the baritone section are girls!

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