Monday, October 1, 2012

Responsible parenting

Jarred and I are continuing to try and believe that we are becoming parents very shortly. I had a semi-reality check at work today when one of the dietitians said, "The second trimester ends at 24 weeks." and I thought, "Oh balls! I'm 22 weeks!!!"
Either way, reality is settling in due to the fact that we bought a crib! Yep, there is a crib laying all over our guest bedroom/nursery. Please don't judge, but we bought it off Craigslist. But it's barely been used and meets all the safety criteria, so we figured we would take the money savings! Plus, we really want to paint the crib (well, we really want to paint most of the furniture we use for baby Kinsley) because we don't want to paint the walls and then have to repaint them when we move out.
So, as we've previously alluded to, we are thinking of a coral-themed room. And by coral, we mean coral reef :-) That thought turned into full blown-ness when we discovered this...

Bam! It's a pillow...that has coral-colored coral on it! How perfect! So we're planning to paint the crib the coral color and then use turquoise/aqua blues and yellow as the other part of the color scheme. See!

The coral color is Valspar Sweet Melon - just in case you like it and want to use it in your house! The turquoise so far is going to be the fitted sheet on the crib and the yellow is going to be the bed skirt for the crib.

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