Thursday, September 27, 2012

Snail Mail makes my heart happy

Welp, I've gotten some pretty festive things in the mail lately. I finally gave in and ordered some maternity clothes...totally hit the jackpot with Old Navy! They had a 50% Off maternity clothes special and because I'm on their mailing list - I hit that UP!!
BUT, I haven't gotten that in the mail yet :-)

But, I HAVE gotten a few letters/postcards/baby booties in the mail and I shall share them with you because they make me happy!!!

First up - a postcard coming to me all the way from Portugal!

If you are from my hometown you may easily recognize this handwriting... it's from my foreign exchange sister, Elena!!!! I was shocked to see a postcard from her! She had recently told me on Facebook that she would be traveling to Portugal but I didn't put two and two together until I saw the handwriting! Love my sweet sister Elena!!

Next is one perhaps slightly more representative of my hometown. Farm animals...

 How cute is that?! It says "Hogs and Kisses." I just LOVE it! A best friend from home is the greatest about regularly sending me cards. See, our church ladies get together and make these awesomely intricate cards for any and every season imaginable. So, Megan, no pressure for you to continue sending me these cards but it brings a tear to my eye every time I get one from you! She is a very special and dear friend!!

Up next is a teeny, tiny package I received today! We have a dear friend in Virginia, Merileigh. Merileigh has such a heart for Christ and looks for ways to serve however she can! Apparently, she decided to serve us by doing this...

She made baby Kinsley purple kicks!!!!! They are soo cool!!! Jarred thinks they kinda look like basketball shoes, or maybe he just thinks that because he's a basketball fanatic... Either way, they are absolutely fantastic and totally perfect!! Can't wait for baby girl to try them on!

p.s. I just bathed so don't judge my personal appearance :-)

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