Sunday, September 23, 2012

GUEST POST! I am married to the rounding intern!

Guest Post from Jarred the Husband! Yay!

I am very excited about the baby bumps and little miss Kinsley but wanted to share some pics of some other stuff I have been up to! I have been working from home which is very nice, but can get old. Here is my professional office:

The mountain views out that window are nice! So I got tired of just looking at those mountains and decided to take a hike up them just North of our house. I planned to hike up the finger rock trail that leads to linda vista. The trailhead is less than 5 minutes from our house so what's better than that? Here is the pic of the mountains from our living room. Can you guess which one is finger rock?

Well I thought I could handle any trail here after dominating McAfee's Knob and Dragon's Tooth back in Virginia, but boy was I wrong. This was by far the hardest hike I have ever done and it took much longer than I was expecting. I will not lie to you, I about quit and turned around 10 different times. I also took about a minute break for every 2 minutes of hiking, it was rough.

Near the start, lots of Saguaros
Looking back down the canyon, no more Saguaros
 I eventually made it to the top despite some prickly pear thorns in my legs and arms and was blessed with this wonderful view. The lower arrow is where our apartment is and the farther one is where Christina works at University Medical Center. The way back down was just as bad as the way up. I do not plan on doing this hike again as I was just glad God answered my many prayers of just making it through this hike alive.

The view from Linda Vista in the Catalina Mountains
In other news, Cool thing happened on Thursday! The plane carrying the space shuttle Endeavour to its retirement home in California did a low fly by over Tucson. I took these couple of pics from just outside our apartment in the north suburbs. I'm really glad I got to see something cool like this.

Well that is all from me.. we are off to go plan our future baby's room some more and hopefully get a nice used crib! More pics of my wife's cute bump next time in the blog. I still own the biggest stomach bump in this house though! Maybe next post wifey!

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