Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Laborless Weekend

First of all, I have to tell hubby is amazing!!! He is amazing for many, many reasons, but one reason that I particularly appreciated this past weekend is his ability to plan fun weekend getaways! This past weekend - here is what he planned for us :-)

First stop, Sedona. We went to a church that has been like built into the mountains and then shopped all over the downtown area...this included a quick ice-cream stop where we shared an Oreo Madness :-)
We then traveled to Flagstaff where our hotel was and we had dinner at a place called Fratelli's. It was a super yummy pizza shop and I would totes recommend it!

A view of the actual church from below
Jarred at the Church of the Holy Cross

This one's for my dad :-)
Cathedral Rock in the background

Us at the Church!

First stop, the Grand Canyon! I, for whatever reason, did anticipate the scenery around the canyon to be so pine-tree-ish. I also didn't expect to see Elk Crossing or Mountain Lion Crossing signs along the way either! But my favorite part of the day was my very first view of the was ridonc! And we traveled several miles up and down the canyon (some walking, some busing, some driving) to check out different lookout points.
On our way back to Flagstaff we took a different route and we stopped at a place called Sunset Crater Volcano. That's right folks, volcano! I didn't know there were volcanoes in AZ! But we wandered all around old lava fields!
For dinner, in Flagstaff, we went to Salsa Brava. Which, if you are a fan of Diner's, Drive-ins, and Dives, you will know that Guy has been to Salsa Brava! But we had to wait for 30-45 minutes to get a seat!

My first view of the favorite!

See! We're at the Grand Canyon!!
See all the trees? I expected desert!

Jarred is much more brave than I am!

Inside the Watch Tower at the Grand Canyon - one of our last stops

At Sunset Crater Volcano
The lava fields
The storms were rolling in!

Back to Tucson! On our way we stopped at Montezuma's Castle (no, Montezuma never lived there...let down! ha!). It was really cool but I don't think I could ever actually get to the thing seeing that they apparently used ladders to scale a cliff...hmmm
Also, on our way home, Jarred's chicken fantasies were fulfilled when we discovered a "Raising Cane's" in Phoenix. It is essentially the exact same thing as Zaxby's, except they literally have four options. And their sauce is even the exact same as Zax sauce...Jarred is very happy :-)

Pretty water - streams are my fave!
Jarred's first view of the castle
There it is!!!

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