Saturday, September 8, 2012

Would you like that with nuts or without?

I have to try and be crafty, sometimes... Unfortunately, I saw the ever-so-crafty title of this post used in gender reveal parties. So, do you know if Baby Caplette is with nuts or without? Welp, we got to find out yesterday! This largely terrifies me because finding out the gender means I'm already halfway there! I'm 18.5 weeks already, which is totally redonc! Also, I'm very blessed and really don't feel preggers; never had the morning sickness, I'm not bulging out too badly yet... But not feeling preggers makes me really not believe I'm preggers! It's really unbelievable to think another human being is inside of's a freaking miracle and totally surreal!

So, here it goes...what is Baby Caplette?

Well, that's Miss Kinsley Rae trying on HER pink baby bonnet for the first time! (props to my mom for also having made a blue bonnet and a more gender neutral bonnet...just in case!) Oh, and PS, we do prefer that our baby girl isn't a blob of pink...we're potentially thinking of somewhat of a beachy theme with corals, yellow-oranges, teals and browns :-)

Here's more of baby Kinsley!

The top picture is her profile - she is all snuggled up with her arms crossed and legs bent up. And the bottom picture are her little feeties :-) Kinsley is also, apparently, a bit of a thumb-sucker already!

Thumb-sucker or not, we feel so blessed. Even if we can't believe there's actually a baby in there, we believe that baby is being made and protected by Someone bigger than us!