Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fam adventures

Like I mentioned earlier, allllllllll of Jarred's family came to visit us a couple weeks ago!

First, Calen and Cameron came!! This was the first time we met Cameron so it was especially great to see them and get to hang out with them! We didn't do a whole lot because we knew it would become slightly chaotic when the whole fam got here. So we mostly just took it easy around the house. But, we did make a quick trip to Bisbee, which is an old mining town...see?? There's just a small remnant of the pit where they dug for the copper.

So after just driving by the pit, we headed to town. Mostly it's kind of a hippie town but there are tons of old shops with all kinds of fun stuff. Like this...check it out!!! I've never seen one of these before!!

So yes, if you didn't know it, I play the euphonium and that's why a double bell euphonium with five valves is so cool! After hitting up all the shops, we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. It was pretty good but the portions were small - especially for us tall folk!

 While Calen and Cameron were here we also went on a small walk through Sabino canyon.

Later, on Saturday, the whole fam went to sabino canyon and took a tour via bus of the place!

On friday, the whole fam was here and we went to Desert Museum. It's a "living museum" or something like that and Jarred almost stepped on a snake - a live snake that just casually slithered across the walking path!! YIKES!
After Desert Museum we went to El Corral steakhouse to celebrate Jarred and bethany's birthday, as well as mom and dad's anniversary.
This is the only pic I got from Friday's adventures...

After Calen, Cameron, Bethany, Drew and Sarah left just Mom, Dad and Hannah remained. So, we took another bus tour of Sabino canyon (Hannah was sick and dad stayed home with her). This time, I also joined in the fun with Miss Kinsley (it was really hot a few days and I didn't want to get her out too often! Plus, Kinsley had this MASSIVE spit up. I looked down and my child was covered in spit up shrapnel that completely soaked her clothes and even came out of her nose - so I wanted to keep her inside. It scared me half to death to see that spit up coming out of her nose!)
So here are picks of the canyon bus tour!

One day, I again stayed home with Kinsley while Jarred took the other three on a quick hike!

We also took Mom, dad and Hannah to Old Tombstone, but I didn't get away with any pics...except this one!! It's a gila monster at the Tombstone Reptile Museum :-)

But, we rounded out their stay by eating at The Lodge - Sasquatch Bar and Grill! ha!

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