Friday, February 22, 2013

Last date as non-parents

The night before Kinsley was scheduled to come, Jarred and I decided to celebrate and have a little date night!
We started our afternoon by going to see a movie. We saw Promised Land at the cheap theater. Tickets were only $1.50 each!! Pretty sweet deal :-) The movie was pretty good...not too exciting but I didn't need anything too exciting at that point anyway!
After the movie we decided we needed some dinner, and a lot of it since I knew I wouldn't be able to eat the next day. Our solution? Cheesecake Factory! We never go to sit-down restaurants, let alone really fancy ones like Cheesecake Factory, so it was a pretty big deal. But we literally stuffed ourselves! Jarred got some Mexican-inspired dish and I got a spicy pasta dish...and we both got cheesecake!! Oh. My! The cheesecake was amazing!! We took a few pics, but of course, Cheesecake Factory was freakishly dark so it's hard to see, but check em out!
My giant Oreo Dream Extreme and Jarred's some-sort-of-peanut-butter thing
At home after date night, last picture as non-parents :-)
 Oh, and random tid-bit...we went to the Mineral Show that weekend before! Tucson is home to the largest Gem, Mineral and Fossil show and they have shows all over the city for literally weeks. So there was a fancy one fairly close to our house, so we went! All the minerals were on sale and they were way more expensive than I thought they'd be. Pretty much all of them were a few thousand dollars! The most expensive item we saw was a slab of gold selling for $275,000...chump change...

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  1. Christina I have not been on facebook enough due to school (metabolic ahh) but Kinsley is BEAUTIFUL! And I know you both are already such amazing parents! She is one lucky girl!