Saturday, February 9, 2013

I haven't given an update in a while, so here it is :-)

Last Friday (not yesterday, but like, a week ago...) Jarred and I tried some new stuff! First, we went to dinner at La Salsa which was new to us. It was pretty good; not my absolute fave ever, but I'd eat there again. And for dessert, we noticed a nice little cupcake shop in the same strip mall that La Salsa was we stopped in for some sweets! Should've taken pics of the cupcakes, but only got a pic of the outside as we were driving away!

I definitely liked the cupcakes more than dinner...but what can you do :-) My cupcake was peanut butter caramel and Jarred's was cookies and cream. Sweet thing is, there was as much icing on the thing as there was cake...pretty delish!!

On Saturday, grandma and grandpa came up for a quick visit and they took us to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes - which again, I think I liked better than La Salsa!! And then we played the classic game, Phase 10. It's pretty much family tradition at this point!

On Sunday, we went to church and we're still trying to find a church we can call home. We went to Calvary Chapel because we really like the teaching and the worship, but it's just harder to get plugged in there. But we had hopped around for a few weeks and needed a week of solid worship and teaching, so we went there! We learned that Jeremy Camp is going to be leading worship on Easter Sunday!!

After church, we got ready for the Super Bowl!! My intern friend invited Jarred and I over to watch the game since we don't have TV. So while Meghan and I made all the food, Jarred and Brad watched the game. We had quite the spread considering only four people were eating. The list includes chips and queso, baked potatoes, taquitos, pizza rolls, veggie sticks and dip, cookies and cream fudge and mini peanut butter cheesecakes. YUMMO!!! Big thanks to Meghan and Brad for hosting and giving us some great company!

Jarred and his food :-)
Meghan (and Brad) in front of the partially eaten table of deliciousness

And last update for a while...I'm still preggers... Here's my 40+1 pic :-)

They have scheduled to induce me on Wednesday the 13th if I don't go before then! Please keep us and baby girl in your prayers!! I can't imagine how God is going to be changing our lives!!! It's like an extreme anxious-excited-nervous feeling!!!


  1. woah! no beard. I've never seen Jarred with no beard.

  2. Hahaha!! I know, right?? I haven't seen him without one in FOUR years!!