Wednesday, January 30, 2013


As you probably know by now, I'm preggers. So, most of my posts have been about that, the internship or some fun, random happenings we have done. See...I'm 39 weeks preggers today.

But, with all the excitement of the pregnancy and our impending delivery I had this random flash...a random thought this morning. I thought, "I sure do talk a lot about my pregnancy and baby Kinsley and her arrival." and then I thought, "As much as I think about Christ's second coming, why I don't I talk about it more?"

If you could ever be inside my head, you would know that every time I see a plane in the sky or a bright star or planet or some bright light in the sky, I always wonder if it is Christ coming. I know His second coming is going to be much more majestic and triumphant than a plane in the sky (I have had many a "rapture dream" about this topic...) But regardless, the second coming is so frequently in my thoughts. But why don't I talk about it? Why don't I share the Gospel like I believe people's salvation, their eternal salvation depends on it? Why don't I talk about Christ's coming as much as I talk about Kinsley's coming?

Unfortunately, I can't give you an answer. I can't... But it was a thought that I had today. And, I suppose, I've always grown up with this concept of, "people will know I'm a Christian and know what I believe by the way I live my life." But, over the years I have met so many wonderful people that don't know the Lord. While some may say actions speak louder than words, my thought for today is that my words need to be spoken.


  1. You're so beautiful and your love for Jesus is infectious! You are a blessing and Blacksburg misses YOU!

  2. You are so cute that I almost can't stand it! And in speaking about the rapture, I always thinkt hat whenever I hear a loud noise, although I'm sure Jesus will not return to some sort of loud boom or bang it's always my first thought.