Thursday, January 24, 2013


My current state is one of denial. Often I think, "I feel pretty good so therefore Kinsley must never be coming out - I'm just going to stay preggers forever." Other times, I want so badly for her to just come!!!! I'm running thin on patience! However, I must admit, part of my lack of patience is quite selfish. I am really not enjoying my internship rotation as much as I did the clinical rotation. Right now we are doing Foodservice Management and I just really don't feel like I'm doing anything beneficial but instead just doing the assignments my boss gives me, just to cross them off the list. You can tell I'm in the Foodservice rotation in the picture based on the fact I pulled my bangs back - I have to wear a hairnet most of the day :-/
I'm not generally that pointy - Kinsley was protruding and the more I asked her to cooperate, the more she stuck out
But despite my lack of interest in Foodservice Management - I'm very blessed. My fellow interns haven't yet told me to just SHUT UP about being preggers, but instead (they at least pretend) to be very interested and supportive of my pregnancy. Also, I have had awesome contact with friends and family from all over the country!! I had an awesome Oovoo session with some amazing friends from Tech, had two great phone calls from two more amazing friends, and I've gotten some snail mail this week - which, brings me to my next point...Kinsley's room!!

We received this beautiful blanket from my high school Academic Team coach, who was also my elementary art teacher and overall wonderful mentor. Check out how pretty it is!
And, of course, you can also see the bed that is in Kinsley's room. It was our guest room but once Little Lady comes, Jarred and I will be crashing there. Above the bed are some homemade decorations that Jarred and I put together...Jarred wanted to make a shelf so I found this idea on Pinterest. And I had this old canvas with another painting I had done, so I just painted over it :-)
Shout out to Hannah (aka our secret sibling) for the picture frame on the shelf :-)
And here is the dresser that we found on Craigslist and Jarred refinished and we will use it as her changing table - how cool did it turn out?? We also have a handcrafted mirror hanging above it.
And there is the crib, packed with our hospital bags! We're ready to go whenever she is!!
And, this was our last major purchase, thanks to my Grandma Frakes - our swing! I had picked out another swing/bouncer combo but then decided against it when we got a coupon in the mail for this swing. We use them in our NICU and I've heard great things about them - so, since there wasn't much of a price difference, we went with it! You'll have to google it or something - it's called a Mamaroo. Oh - and I might add, I assembled the whole thing all by myself :-) It's kind of a big deal!
And here's a view of the whole room from the door. I still have two small decorations to hang between the mirror (that's above the dresser/changing table) and the painting, but other than that, I think we are all done and ready to go!
Please continue to pray with us as we prepare for some major life changes! Please pray for us to have wisdom and to continually seek the Lord. We know He is provider, which He has proven over and over, but pray for us to have continued faith in Him and to always seek His counsel. It's amazingly true that His strength is made perfect in our weakness. The closer I get to parenthood, the more I realize my need for Him.


  1. Awesome Christina. I am so happy for you both...and for Little Kinsley...she has awesome parents.