Sunday, January 13, 2013

More pics from Christmas Break

Welp, we went to California over Christmas - as you already know. But here are just a few pictures from Jarred's phone during our trip :-)
The Black Pearl was at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Part of the Berlin Wall outside of the library
Jarred could be the president...pretty sure...
Ronald Reagan loved Jelly Belly's and so does my dad
And this is what the ocean looked like on Christmas day :-)
When we got back from CA we spent a few days with my grandparents and then Jarred and I both needed to work... Jarred actually had to work and I just had to finish my study guide for the internship. But, we managed to sneak in a bit more fun before going back to the daily grind. First, we started by seeing an Arizona basketball game. This was the crazy game Jarred posted about on Facebook with the very controversial last-minute buzzer-beater... I personally think the Colorado player beat the buzzer, but I won't complain. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of us because we were in the dark nosebleeds...but here is the stadium!

The funny blimp thing flies around and drops T-shirts
And then we went on a couple of hikes! We hiked around Sabino Canyon - which I have shared pictures of before.  But Jarred really likes the purple cholla plants - so here is a great pic of one :-)

We also went to a new place to hike in Oro Valley. Surprisingly, we were sweating during the first 30 minutes and we touched some snow towards the end of the hike. Overall, it's a great place with lots of trails but little shade and it's expensive to get into!

Jarred with some pretty good looking Saguaro's!
Some Saguaro's will form a "crest" on top - this one has a crest with arms coming out of it - very unique!!
I just LOVE fresh water streams!! Favorite part of God's creation!
Me at 35+3 weeks preggers.

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