Monday, January 7, 2013

Pics from the parents visit

Opening presents from the baby shower
Look at that pile of loot!!!
Our first package of diapers :-)

Jarred managed to sneak one picture of my dad - behind the scenes!
First we opened presents from the Rushville baby shower, as you can see above. And then took maternity pics the next morning. Then we headed to grandpa and and grandma's and celebrated Christmas with them!

Just one quick pic of the group - dad was experimenting with his fish-eye lens :-)

After a weekend at the grandparents, Jarred took mom and dad for a hike, as you can see below
Mom - she's so cute :-)
I love this picture!! Too bad my dad isn't in any pictures - he was too busy being behind the camera...

Jarred's Parents Visit: Unfortunately, you have to get on facebook to see any pictures of his parents - we didn't take a single picture of them :-/ But here are a few from Jarred's phone that didn't make it to facebook.

We started off our weekend with a Christmas celebration!! Kinsley got some awesome Mizzou onesies and I got an awesome diaper bag!! I don't think anyone was ever so excited for a diaper bag! ha!

Can you see the Big Horn Sheep?
Jarred loves the coatimundi!

Aw!! Precious kitty cat all bundled up! I love him!

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