Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The bump at 36

Well, I'm officially 36 weeks today!! So thankful to have made it to this point in the pregnancy!!!!! We were told, as you know, that it is more likely that I go into preterm labor give my (potentially) misshapen uterus. We also know that many of those with the same type of uterus go full term with no complications. So, we've been praying for baby girl to continue to grow and develop and bake as long as she needs to. We feel so blessed to be a the point now where if she comes, it wouldn't be as life-threatening to her. Praise the Lord!!

So, here's the bump... pretty big I must say!!
In other news...I'm back to the daily grind at the internship. We started the foodservice/management rotation this week. My lanta...I don't remember a thing from my undergrad classes for this rotation - so I'm going to have to do more studying for the RD exam!!! ha! But the pace of this rotation is so much different than clinical!! These first two weeks are purely management of the entire foodservice system. So we've been doing small projects and auditing and such. But today, I think we spent 1.5 hours in meetings, 1.5 hours on our small projects and the rest of the day brainstorming ideas for our "special day." We have to plan an entire day of cafeteria foodservice at the hospital - we are responsible for the ordering, budgeting, scheduling, preparing...every aspect of the day!! And we have to have a theme and decorate the cafeteria and everything. So if you have any stellar ideas for themes that would be easy to decorate, cheap to purchase and easy to prepare... let me know :-)

oh - and to you fellow dietetics students - it is advantageous to pay attention in both your Management and Foodservice Management classes. You will have to know management theories for the RD exam, as well as food science, scoop and can sizes...basically everything that Mrs. Cox teaches you :-) So keep those books and notes - they WILL come in handy one day :-)

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