Sunday, June 23, 2013

On the Hunt

Let's see...several weeks ago (because I'm that may even be like months ago now...) I started the job hunt. Actually, Jarred started my job hunt. He kept asking me, "When are you going to apply for jobs." I said, "Hm, let's see...sometime between working all day, feeding baby, washing bottles, doing laundry, cooking dinner..." So I semi-jokingly said, "Why don't you apply for me?" The next day I got home from work and Jarred said, "I started applying for some jobs, but I need more information. Dietitian applications are way more difficult than engineer applications!" So, I think he applied for like 35 jobs in a week.

Praise the Lord, the very next week I had three interviews!! One was with an eating disorder treatment facility, another as a pediatric dietitian and the third was with a private practice/consulting firm. The last two interviews were on Friday and Saturday of that week in the Phoenix area so we made a quick trip of it!

We drove to Phoenix Friday morning before my first interview. Oh, let me tell you a quick story. Generally in the mornings I feed kinsley off one bosom and pump the other. Well, this particular Friday morning I decided not to pump the other bosom because I thought my nerves may get the best of my supply and then kinsley would go hungry. Well, that didn't happen... Soooo, I pumped (thank goodness for that back-up battery pack) in the car while Jarred was driving to phoenix... stay classy folks, stay classy...

Anywhos, so Friday's interview went well but I honestly didn't really care for the place; wasn't the right fit for me and I was really bummed because the job sounded so perfect on paper. So I went into Saturday's interview with very low expectations and came out of the interview wanting the job way more than I could have imagined!!! Thank the Lord, I received an offer and by golly I took it!!!

Other than interviewing we just drove around the area to get a feel for it and we also spent some time in Old Scottsdale.

Jarred really got into the spirit of Old Scottsdale
It was rather warm even though the sun was starting to set
Technically, Kinsley rolled over for the first time in our hotel room :-) 
Me and the baby takin in the view from our hotel room!

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