Tuesday, June 25, 2013

She's cute

Little Miss Rae is so precious! She is always doing more and more things that just melt my heart!!!

Here, Kinsley is practicing her rolling skills. She is trying to roll over on her playmat but got a little finagled...and she looks guilty...she probs just pooped.

Here, Kinsley and I are posing before I go to work. Me oh my she is so precious!! Super big thanks to Megan for the adorable bow!!!

Here, Kinsley kicked me out of my chair - she took ownership of the couch and wanted to hang out with dad.

In the previous three pics, Kinsley is slightly less than three months old. Here is a picture from her actual three month birthday :-)

And as a response to my last blog post - we will be moving to Phoenix for my new job. I start training at the end of July and then officially start mid august after some very important family weddings :-) Please be praying for us as we'll be moving, looking for places to live and trying to decide the best way to care for Kinsley (she'll be so big by then that we're anticipating Jarred won't be able to handle her and work!)

Oh, I also officially graduated from the internship today :-)

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