Saturday, June 1, 2013

When Jarred was Gone: Part II

The next week that Jarred was gone, grandma again watched kinsley monday-wednesday and then Megan came!!!!!!! I hadn't seen Megan in like a year - which is totally ridonc and WAY toooo long!!! It was just such an absolute blessing to see her - I can't even describe it!!!!!! Just seeing her was such a gift...but...she spoiled me and kinsley her entire stay!! She started spoiling us by making TONS of beautiful hair-bows for Kinsley and giving her some new clothes!

She then spoiled me on my birthday!!!!!!! She made the coolest crafty things ever!!! A "c" sign, three small states (MO, VA and AZ) for places jarred and I have lived and another framed saying talking about the joys of kiddos!

Oh, and we went shopping to spend some birthday money

no worries - everything was like 75% off :-)
And my hubby...sweet hubby... he wasn't sure if he would be back from VA in time for my birthday, so he had flowers delivered to our house. Flowers in the shape of a puppy!!!!!! He knows me too well!!

But, he did make it back in time and we celebrated my birthday by getting dessert from the cheesecake factory :-) yummo!!

 So even though I had so much help in watching Kinsley while Jarred was gone, those two weeks were really difficult for me! I had SOO much going on in the internship but I felt like I had to (and I really wanted to) spend time with my guests in the evenings. I wanted for them to all be able to relax in the evening after taking care of little miss all day, but I had so much to do for the was really, really hard to find a balance and I have to give soo many props to all single moms out there - I just don't know how they do it. But I tell you what, I praise God that I have such wonderful, loving, supportive family and friends to help me out!!

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