Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jarred's rents come for a visit :-)

Just two short days after my parents left, Jarred's parents came for a visit! They got in on Thursday, but I had decided to stay home from work. Some of my preceptors insisted I go to the labor and delivery evaluation room as I had another really bad migraine during work. Unfortunately, I was there for five hours on Wednesday evening and the drugs they gave me made me really sick feeling. So, on top of feeling kinda yucky from the migraine, I also didn't get much sleep from feeling so nauseous from the I stayed home!

When Jarred's parents got in that afternoon, we were pretty chill. We actually received a giant package during the day, which ended up being a glider and ottoman from Jarred's parents. So, since we had this giant box in our living room, his parents decided we should just open our Christmas presents that evening as well!! So, we celebrated Christmas and went to Pei Wei for dinner.

On Friday, I went back to work - thankfully feeling significantly better!! Praise the Lord for rest and relaxation, and a boss who allows you to take time off!! Also, big thanks to my fellow interns for covering my patient load while I was gone!! But while I was at work, Jarred took his parents to our local mall, Costco and In and Out because it was one of like ten rainy days for the year. After they picked me up from work we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner - Jarred's dad is a big fan of Mexican food :-) And we had gelato for dessert!!

On Saturday, it was unfortunately cold and rainy (again...). But we decided to brave the weather and head to The Desert Museum. It's a really cool outdoor, natural museum. I think we spent like 4 hours there!! And we kinda rushed it toward the end because we were getting so cold. But we got to see lots of animals and plants and all kinds of local deserty things! ha! Saturday evening, we played Mexican train.

Sunday we went to church and the message was quite powerful. The pastor spoke about how Christians have such hope in the promise of everlasting life for those who believe in the Lord. For some reason, I still kinda struggle with fear of death. I absolutely believe that those who believe Jesus Christ died for our sins will absolutely have life everlasting. But for some reason, it's like I fear/believe I'm the exception to the rule and I worry about my salvation. That's something I've been continuing to pray for - confidence in my faith in Him and trusting in His salvation.

After church, we ate at another Mexican restaurant for lunch :-) And then that day we went on another quick hike around Sabino canyon and played some more Mexican train.

Sadly, they had to leave on Monday. While I was at work, Jarred took them up to the Phoenix area and they did all kinds of stuff. Jarred's mom used to live in the area so they drove through her old neighborhood, they did some shopping and I'm sure they did some eating as well!!!

We, as well as Kinsley, were so blessed to have them visit. Both of our parents just continually shower us with blessings in every way!! They provide us with gifts, they share their wisdom, they share their love...we are so blessed and we welcome their company anytime!!!

Again, I have pictures, but just not on this computer so I'll post those later :-)

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