Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunday Workday, Sunday Showerday

This weekend it was my turn to work on Sunday... So, Jarred and I went to church Saturday morning and then we were pretty lazy!!

Today I went to work and work was fine - it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. I had heard horror stories of how busy it would be and such, but really, it was pretty doable! BUT, while I was at work, my mom was back home in Missouri representing me at my first ever BABY SHOWER!!! I am just blown away by the godly, generous women in my home church and my family. I wasn't even there and yet I was still showered with gifts and blessings...unbelievable!!!

So here is what I have gathered from the shower and here are some shenanigans that apparently went on...Oh, I only know these details because these pics were sent to my phone while I was at work :-)

1) There was apparently a lot of pink and a lot of delicious-looking cupcakes
That's my BFF and shower-planners little girlie helping out!
2) Onesies were made...I hear Kinsley now has about 30 homemade onesies of all different sizes!!
I believe this is where the onesie decorating took place!

Rumor has it that these are the ladies that put the whole shindig together!

Some of the final products :-)
3) Extended family and Church family blessed my baby girl!
There's so many of them! Look closely and you will see a video camera - that's my dad making sure I don't miss a thing!
4) Presents were opened!
My other BFF made that present - it's a little wall decoration :-) so cute!

My mama opening up some more gifts!
So yep - it looks like Miss Kinsley will be nicely taken care of!!! I'm still just kinda in shock at how we are being provided blessed and so thankful!

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