Saturday, December 29, 2012

The rents come for a visit!!

A few weeks ago when my mommy and daddy came for a visit, they came in on a Friday evening. We had the great pleasure of also having dinner with a friend from VA who was driving from CA to VA - so that was a great surprise and wonderful visit! After dinner and dessert with our friend, mom and dad arrived!! Pretty much as soon as we got home, we opened presents from our baby shower!

The Sunday before they came, mom was the guest of honor at my baby shower that was planned for me by a wonderful friend back home. But, the cool thing is, after my mom opened all the presents, all the presents were re-wrapped and sent my way so that I could open them! I was not expecting that, but it was such a blessing to open all our gifts!!

So after our gifts were opened, we briefly talked about our plans for the weekend and then headed to bed. The next morning, we took maternity pics. Mom had bought the cheetah dress for me as a Christmas gift so that I could wear them for pictures. So we just took a few quick pics at the really snazzy resort right across the street from our apartment. But, Kinsely wasn't too thrilled about pictures and I was really uncomfortable most of the day. So we cut the photo shoot short and headed to my grandparents for the weekend.

At grandma and grandpas, we had our family Christmas on Saturday evening. And Sunday, at church, was the Christmas Cantata which was a great celebration! I just love me some Christmas music!! Unfortunately, we had to head back to home Sunday evening as I had to work.

On Monday, mom and dad came to visit me at work for lunch. While I was working, Jarred took mom and dad to Sabino canyon for a quick hike. They saw some natural wildlife :-) For dinner, we took them to a local place and had some wonderful food and desserts!! Yummo!! Unfortunately, Monday evening is when my strange migraine things started to happen and they happened again on Tuesday right before mom and dad had to leave. So, they came to the hospital to have lunch with me and I ended up going to the airport with them to say goodbye and then went home to take a nap!

We had such a wonderful weekend with my family!! I wish so badly that we could be closer to our family (all of our family!!!) The older I get, the more sentimental I become and the more I want to be close to home to "be there" for my family. I just love them SOOOO much and I was SOOO incredibly thankful for their weekend visit!!!

Oh - and I have some pics to add to this post, but they are on another computer. So, I'll add those to another post :-)

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