Monday, December 17, 2012

Maternity pics!!

Welp, it's been a while since my last update!! We've been busy!! We've had lots of family/friends visiting us. First, our friend from VA stopped by for an evening on his way from California back to VA. Then, my family came for a few days and then two days after they left, Jarred's parents came. They just left today... And in between visitors, I suddenly had these awesome migraine things happening. I call them hormonally-exacerbated, light-induced migraines :-) Either way, prayers would be appreciated as I have to see an ophthalmologist tomorrow to make sure it's not a crazy random thing that can happen in pregnancy! Anywhos, we absolutely LOVED having them here and we miss them SO much!! I'll write two other posts about what we did while they were here.

This post is going to be solely dedicated to maternity pics :-) We didn't have much time to take too many pics at different locations with different outfits and such, but that's fine with me. I'd rather spend more quality time with my fam than take more pictures any day! So here are just a few of our favorites. We took these right across the street from our apartment, at that giant, fancy resort.

Oh, except this one :-) We took it in front of our tree!

Just a silly one - I said I didn't want any pictures kissing my belly

Just love the beautiful backdrop of this one!

Love my precious husband!!

Snuggle my belly, snuggly Miss Kinsley

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