Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Few Victories!

So, I'm writing this today with the intention of not publishing until much later - my life will not always be so exciting as to have something to post every single day. So, I have to update you on fun things that happened today.

First, I bought my first real maternity thing today. See...

Considering I'm 15 weeks and only have to unbutton my pants while sitting, I'm thinking that I can (hopefully) wear most of my normal clothes throughout most of the pregnancy...with the help of this little tool. It's the Beband. I bought it from Target. But the idea is that you can keep your pants undone and just put this uber elastic band over your pants to keep them held up. But yes, I did feel moderately silly buying said item seeing as that I am really not showing much yet...And, the thing was $16.99, but I figure it's worth it as long as I can keep wearing all my current pants!

Second victory for the day...I whopping $4 purchase...

Cute coral skirt. It's a nice cotton blend that I thought would be really comfortable at work...even with a growing belly! And, I don't really have this color (at all) in my wardrobe. Again, thanks Target for the good deal!!

Finally - I got mail!!!

For my birthday a couple years ago I got the Reebok Easy Tone shoes...ya know...the ones that are supposed to tone your butt and thighs and such. Well, of course it's a total crock and the government also agreed it was and made Reebok spend like $2 million in litigation, refunding everyone of their purchase. I didn't get the total worth of the shoe back, but I'll take a surprising $45 check in the mail :-) woo hoo!!

I'm so thankful for the little victories God blessed my day with today. Not to mention, I got to spend the WHOLE ENTIRE DAY with my hubby...BIG victory and blessing!


  1. I don't really understand what the first thing is but I'm glad you're excited about it. And I love seeing your apartment in the background, post some pics of it!!!! Congrats on the refund check, it really is the little things in life :)

  2. Hey Christina! Great pictures! I love your skirt (in picture form AND in person).

    You should absolutely post your cookie cake recipe. Mainly because I would like to steal it from you, but also because it was wonderful :-)

    See you bright and early tomorrow.