Thursday, August 23, 2012

Miraculous Thoughts

Well, after the birth of my little niece, I wrote in a post (I will publish over the weekend) that new life is a miracle. This post is likely TMI for some of you, so I apologize and give you permission to stop reading right now! Well, actually, read the last paragraph and I'll be content :-) But, I want to walk you through my pregnancy. Not how I got preggers, we all know how that happened...but how I got pregnant in the midst of many trials.

First, I am a recovering anorexic. I was amenorrheic (without a menstrual cycle) for quite some time. That, along with many, many, many other changes the a body undergoes during an eating disorder (particularly anorexia) make conception much more difficult and unlikely.
Second, birth control. I started birth control very shortly after my struggle with AN (anorexia nervosa) because I was gonna be gettin' married in a very short amount of time. I had been on birth control FOUR YEARS and somehow still managed to get preggers.
Third, I have a bicornuate uterus. This means that my uterus is heart-shaped rather than triangularly shaped. see...

You can clearly see my uterus is not normal (the top is normal, the bottom is mine...). This type of uterus generally makes it very difficult to become pregnant. If by chance you do become pregnant with this uterus, miscarriage is very high. If you don't miscarry early on, preterm birth, along with breech delivery, is very likely. The baby will eventually run out of room to keep growing because this type of uterus can't expand like a normal uterus would. I mean, you can imagine trying to grow in the misshapen's gotta be awkward.

Anywhos, I wanted you to see all of that - why my pregnancy is a particular miracle. I once read in a book, that if anyone ever asked why you believe in God you should say, "Sex." That makes since - what an ingenious creation sex is - that everything goes on the way that it goes on and somehow a baby comes out 9 months later. Well, I have to tell you, if sex is not a good enough indication that God exists think about my unborn child. Think about what that little baby had going against it before it was ever a baby. Think about the fact that God didn't even have to work hard to create that baby inside of me - even with what the world would say are hard circumstances. Won't you think about it?


  1. Thank you for sharing this Christina! This baby is a true gift from God!

  2. Beautiful, friend.

    So sorry to be so late to the party, here. I'll be catching up in the coming week, I'm sure!

    I'm so excited for you guys. <3 Melissa