Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's official

Welp friends, it was a big week in the realm of the Caple's!

First, Jarred got back from VA!!! But, naturally, if you know Jarred you know that his flight was delayed (He is the person who was delayed like 8 hours the day he proposed to me and he has not been on a non-delayed flight since...). He was supposed to get back Monday night at 7:55. He missed his connection in Atlanta because of a storm or something and then there were no other flights to Tucson until 8:00 pm the next day. So, he took a flight into Phoenix, two hours drive from Tucson. That flight was delayed five more times and eventually was set to arrive at 12:30 am :-) You can imagine my excitement... Oh, and this was all being told to me after I had been driving, literally, for an hour trying to find a gas station. And, all of this happened after meeting my fellow interns and doing paperwork. Regardless, the most amazing hubby of all times is with me once again!!!!!

Now back to meeting those fellow interns of mine... All I shall say is I feel largely inferior. I generally struggle with an inferiority complex assuming that everyone around me is a better musician, better Christian, smarter, funner to be around, prettier, somehow superior to me. So when I hear about my fellow interns previous experiences and such, I'm feeling intimidated! I just really hope I don't cry too much - that would be ultra awkward!

Now, back to that paperwork I had to do...
BAM! Check it out!
I know it's backwards but I just figured it was easier to take my picture in Photobooth rather than with my camera and then upload it, etc. So there it is folks, my badge! I'm an ultra nerd, I know, but I'm super excited to have my badge :-)


  1. The nice thing is, that if you DO cry, you can just blame it on the hormones! Regardless, you will be fantastic!

  2. Sweetie, I know the feeling of inferiority so it sucks but God's behind you..I'm praying for you tons. And you are ammmmmazing!! You are going to be the best intern :-) Oh and are you actually in a hospital or schoolish place? I don't think I ever really asked you. But glad Jarred is finally back to you!!

  3. You are going to make an EPIC intern - Tech (along with Ms. Cox) prepared you for this internship. Whatever you put your mind to you can achieve! Good luck :)

  4. Thank you all so much for your comments!! I'll definitely be pulling the hormones card if that happens! ha! And, this first semester I will be in the hospital entirely and second semester I'll be a bit all over the place covering the foodservice and community rotations.
    Thanks again girlies!!

  5. This is SOOOO cool! And you have nothing to worry about, the other interns are probably thinking the same thing as you girl! Just go out there and be your awesome self!