Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big Week

So, this week is the first week of my internship. Thankfully it is only a week of orientation so critically ill patients aren't depending on stupid me for nutrition support, but either way, it's a big first week! Here is an overview of my feelings/emotions after each day so far!

I survived!! Today wasn't too terribly busy but it was still full of anxieties. It's kinda like the first day of every semester - when you see all your syllabi sitting next to each other, filling out your planner and highlighting all your deadlines and you never think that you will ever survive. I was a little overwhelmed when I saw so many deadlines, mostly, when I saw that every exam I have is preceded by a huge case study presentation. I don't know why, but I wasn't anticipating to have some many things back-to-back and having those things be such big assignments/exams. Either way, I have been praying for my future patients and for my ability to learn and handle each situation that arises. I feel the God has given me a peace about this upcoming semester - and for that, I am thankful!!
Oh, and here is my first-day-of-orientation picture

Tuesday was good. We actually had classes today that seemed useful. Yesterday was just a bunch of policies and procedures and such (which are certainly important) but it's difficult to see how those will all be used on a daily basis. Today, that was not the case! While I was familiar with most of the info from today, it was really good to feel like I was learning useful stuff. Today I pretty much drank my weight in supplements - we tested a handful of supplements we could offer to patients. Unfortunately, I had already been introduced to many of them due to my extended stay in the eating disorder unit (those aren't necessarily days I want to relive but I praise God that I haven't relived them in over four years!!!). Today we also had classes in nutrition interviewing skills - we had one example where we needed to determine necessary questions to ask a prego lady...nailed it ;-) And then our day ended with a class on objective measurement assessments. Tonight I plan to actually start my reading assignments and some of my homework...we shall see how that goes!
Also, Jarred decided that my outfit for today finally accentuated the baby bump enough to take the first official bump picture! 15 weeks, 6 days looks something like this


  1. You are looking good! and so prepared! I love that you started this blog so we can hear about this awesome new transition in life!

  2. I can't decide which is cuter, you in your snazzy white coat or the baby bump. :) Miss you!