Friday, August 10, 2012

Starting Up

Well, let me update you on a few things...

First, writing is not my strong-suit! You will find grammatical, technical, spelling errors...errors of every kind in this blog! Please do not judge :-) If anything, you can blame my friends Meghan and Merileigh for pestering me to start this thing without thoroughly sampling my writing skills! While writing is not my strongest subject, I really just want to write this blog to share our lives with friends and family that are very far from us, to vent my many changing emotions, fears and anxieties, and hopefully develop my relationship with God. For some reason, writing really helps me to reflect on Him and I would love for this blog to increase the maturity of my Christian walk.
Second, life has been semi-chaotic lately. I have the most wonderful husband of all time and he recently followed me on a journey from Virginia to Arizona so that I could complete a dietetic internship. I am so thankful for him and his willingness to support me in this "adventure" of ours! But now he is back in VA to complete some work and will be back in Arizona with me very soon! Until then, I'm chilling with my grandparents - VERY thankful for them offering their home to me while Jarred is away (also thankful to my mommy who came to visit for a few days too - thanks for helping me set up my kitchen!).
Finally, Jarred and I made a very important announcement today on Facebook. We. Are. Preggers! Ohhhh snap! Many days it completely terrifies me that I am going to be a mommy - I don't feel oober prepared for that. But today, I saw a baby. I saw a baby that is 14.5 weeks old, roughly the size of a peach. I could clearly see that baby's legs and feet, I could see it's heartbeat (which was 156 bpm, by the way!), and most of all, I could clearly see that baby move!! I will never, ever forget that! My baby is full-blown superman, or superwoman! But for real, my baby was lying on it's tummy and would suddenly just freak and stretch out all four teeny, tiny limbs - unbelievable! I think he (yes, I said he but with no real evidence) even had a cold chill at one point because his whole body shivered! My doctor smiled and giggled at our baby as much as I did. What a very special and terrifying day! Now that I know that little baby is still in there (since I haven't had any big problems or pregnancy symptoms) it's unbelievable how my Type A self won't let my mind rest from worries. I can't do anything but pray for little Caplette as it continues to grow!

So, sorry there are so many words in this first blog - but that's just what's going on right now! Next post will be mostly pictures :-) I like pictures!


  1. I'm so happy! Now I will know all about life in Arizona and life with something/someone growing inside of you! You are like superwoman!

    1. Glad I helped make you start this :-) And sounds so exciting about your little boy or girl!! The little one is just like you, bouncy and happy :-) Miss you but hope you've gotten all set up!!